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Music Abstinence Continued February 26, 2009

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Today did not start well at all, it all began at 8 am. I was rudely awoken by the fire alarm at this time, having anticipated a few extra hours of sleep as I had no lectures. The fifth day without music was underway. This day in particular was going to be a struggle. I settled down at my desk to work, at which point I would normally reach for my iPod, but of course this was forbidden.

It is a habit, something that I do automatically when I sit down to work as it helps me to concentrate. Such habits are something that a person is not always aware of. It is amazing how aware of it you become when the object connected to that habit is taken away. Music can be a big part of people’s lives, it’s everywhere although we are not always conscious of it. Now that I had been removed I was realising just how big a part of my life that it is. This was exacerbated by the fact that many other students had their own music blaring out around the student village throughout the day. The temptation to enjoy my own music, was a strong one but I resisted it, just… 2 days to go.


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