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Not Long Now February 27, 2009

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So far so good, I have somehow managed, to get this far, nearly six days without music. Today will be testing though as I will have to confront the dreaded shorthand with my only form of entertainment during breaks unavailable to me. It will definitely be a challenge. After an hour and a half of monotony, music is a welcome escape; if only for twenty minutes. If I can negotiate that hurdle then completing my task will become slightly easier. 

I will be relying on the internet (especially facebook) and my Playstation 2 to see me through to the end. One factor that is proving to be particularly testing is avoiding sampling all the new music that is on offer. I am always keen to discover new artists and their work, as I feel music is a fantastic outlet for broadening your horizons and opening your mind to genres and styles that you had never really considered before. In the midst of this abstinence I have been deprived of that. The timing happens to be very unfortunate as it my birthday next week and family and friends are quizzing me for gift ideas. New music is usually top of the list, but due to my abstinence I’m unable to sample new material.

The announcement of the line-up for this year’s Reading Festival is due next week and many people are creating mock posters in anticipation of that. I was eager to explore the music of these artists to get a taste of what could be on offer should they play at the festival. Unfortunately I must do without that pleasure for one more day, here’s hoping I make it.



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