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It’s over at last! March 2, 2009

Posted by Ben Smith in Uncategorized.

My seven day abstinence from music reached its end on Friday and what a relief that is! The last day did prove to be difficult, particularly early on. I had a theory lecture for 3 hours which can be hard enough, but with no means of lightening the burden with some music during the break.                              

     It got slightly better in the afternoon however. I had a print lecture and it’s more practical nature compared to theory meant that I was able to occupy myself and take my mind away from music. During the break, listening to the commentary on the West Indies v England test match also proved to be a welcome distraction. That’s saying something considering their performances over the last few months! Although on reflection listening to Geoffrey Boycott talking about the merits of batting cautiously doesn’t quite compare to 20 minutes of guitar playing genius by Jimi Hendrix.

In the evening, having returned home for the weekend I found solace in playing Fifa 09 on my PS3. It is virtually impossible to become bored with a football game in my opinion. I never tire of trying to find the next young player whose rapid ascent to world superstar will strengthen Reading FC’s status as the best team in the world (if only in virtual reality). A little sad? Maybe, but it was crucial to seeing me through to the finish line, and my abstinence from abstinence you might say.

I can’t tell how grateful I was to finally be able to pick up my iPod again. The satisfaction to be got from listening to my favourite music was something I had vastly underestimated in taking up this challenge. Music is engrained in my lifestyle and that of many other people, and without it the world would frankly be a rather boring place to live in.



1. Steven Frazer Miller - April 2, 2009

Some good abstinence blog posts.

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