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Search December 15, 2009

Posted by Ben Smith in Uncategorized.

In this session, we learnt about search engine optimisation. This is the process of designing our site so that it will appear higher in the search engine rankings. In order to do this we have to think about what our audience is going to look for. The higher a site appears in the rankings, the more viewers it will get. Keywords are very important in this process. They help to identify what the audience will be searching for and are what is picked up by the search engines.Keywords can be tricky, e.g 100 MB can be typed 100 Mbit or 100mb, technically there is no rule.

Keyword Tools

Google Adwords – It can be used to advertise but is also a useful source for keyword ideas. You can either search by topic or website content – this requires you to enter the url of the website and it will analyse your website to determine keyword ideas. It will then come up with common searches related to the topic, and the volume of searches per month for each search term.

How you phrase something can be very important as to the results it will return on a search engine. For example, score cricket will bring different results to cricket scoreboard.


If Acronyms are used, e.g AMV (Abbott, Mead, Vickers) it assumes people know who they are. It can be difficult to decide what phrase to use, AMV or Abbott Mead Vickers as we are unsure what people will search for.

Keywords in the headline are useful for search purposes, for example, Josh Brolin stars in AMV campaign for Mercedes has a lot of keywords in it that people will search for.



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