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Guest Speaker: Chris Marling – Broadband Genie May 17, 2010

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–          His website,  www.broadbandgenie.co.uk has been very successful and has thousands of hits daily.

–          It has about 15 staff now, but was started by 3 guys

–          It’s important to know your market – so you  know what keywords to use

eg.  In his H1 (headline 1) – Mobile broadband is the keyword

–          News features bring people to the site. .. the editorial and news sections are the journalism side of the site.

–          Good guest-writers gives the site a good ‘kudos’

–          90% of viewing comes from good editorial content. (he gets 35000 hits per month)

–          All the stories are link-rich

–          To promote his site he has done interviews on Radio 5, and features in Guardian and other news links.

–          70% of visits come from Google.

–          10% come from direct search

–          3% from Google news

–           3% from Yahoo

–          3% from Bing

–          Other statistics: News – 50% from Google

–          25% from Twitter, Googlenews, News now, Dig, Redit, Facebook, etc. These are free! Use these to develop your site!

  • You must be quick with relevant stories. Put them online immediately. His site had the story about 270,000 families to receive free laptops, and it was fast, keyword-rich and is still being used by Google two months later.
  • Optimisation of keywords is important.
  • Every story needs a good headline for SEARCH. (Newspapers are sold according to their good headlines. The same applies online)
  • Make sure your site is well structured. Revise it every 6 months
  • Most important thing is to have good content. This is the same for magazines.
  • Find a niche, something original to do, or if someone else is doing it already, do it better.


Use http://google.co.uk/trends  – ideas for journalism content. It shows terms most searched for. Try to put these terms in your content.

See Chris Anderson’s book The Long Talk.

Val: this is Chris talking on the internet: http://www.ted.com/talks/chris_anderson_of_wired_on_tech_s_long_tail.html

Skimlinks – sign up to this.

Affiliated marketing: Download the code to your website. Every time someone links on it, it puts a cookie on their site.

See affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk . ( he does not delve in this himself as he does not want to be biased in his views and articles.


Ask questions and if you have 1000 responses, you can do your own news-story

He puts his face on his website as it is important to have recognition. Martin Lewis also does this on http://www.moneysupermarket.com

Content –rich pages:

See www.seomoz.org

See whiteboardfriday. It is very entertaining, and comes out each Friday



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